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Principal's Page


                         AUGUST 2019 - JUNE 2020!

            Please join us in welcoming our new principal, Ms. Merdell Richards.


                                          Merdell Richards

 Ms. Merdell was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica and migrated to the United States in 2006. She has been a teacher all her adult years and has taught at all levels of the education spectrum; from kindergarten through tertiary level.

 She is humble, goal oriented, a team player and brings a wealth of experience  gained over the numerous years of international teaching experience in the classroom. Besides, she has administrative experience both in Jamaica and the  United States.

 She is a committed teacher who displays keen interest in her students; their academic success and general welfare. She recognizes that Seventh-day  Adventist education is a three-pronged approach involving school, church and  home and is determined to establish and maintain a strong bond among all  stakeholders, as together we educate our children for now and eternity.




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